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Attracting the target buyer to any business is the key to success. People buy because of they are made aware of your offering, its priced favorably, it suits their needs and evokes a favorable emotional response. Savoy offers expertise in eliciting all the above. Savoy successfully locates their target market and does so by designing all facets of the product, advertising, marketing and merchandising to attract this profile to the site and to engage their emotions once at the site.

Market Analysis and focus group evaluations are the foundation of the marketing plan for a successful Savoy marketed business. Savoy prepares and mentors the focus group studies and reviews and interprets the market data and then makes recommendations as to what floorplan amendities are needed, what community features are critical, and then defines which web based services, traditional media, and merchandising will yield the best results within the budget constraints of the business. Savoy creates captivating and engaging advertising. Sales is a quality and numbers game and Savoy drives more traffic to their communities by directing attention to every details of the needs of profiled target buyer.

Once buyers arrive at your business, stimulating all their senses and providing them with a comfortable setting is critical to consummating a purchase. The 1st impressions of your community and 1st interaction with your staff are critical memory moments that affect the rest of their experience. A beautiful entry with a friendly, knowledgeable sales person trained to assist in all levels of decision making is tantamount to success. Savoy shares valuable tools for reducing new client stress and for providing comfort (breaking the ice) during those uneasy 1st interactions.

Savoy will make recommendations to enhance the buyers experience and comfort while carefully reestablishing the brand so when they depart you are not forgotten. This is done through landscaping, signage, building colors, entry greeting signage, displays, artwork, targeted merchandising, and then carried forward into a comfortable setting for discussions. Details matter and Savoy will create all visual and physical tools needed to assist you in helping the buyer make their decision and ultimately, make your community and project a success.

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