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Market Analysis


Knowing your market is the beginning of understanding your buyer. This is information that must be collected and analyzed in order to design a successful project and in order to prepare for the marketing and sale of such a project. Savoy performs detailed market studies of active projects, reviews local and statewide economic growth projections and demographic changes, and then analyses this data to form a comprehensive profile of products suitable to the area and site specifically.

A starting place for understanding the buyer profile is through a focus group. Savoy develops thorough moderator guides and questionnaires for the focus group, moderates and manages the event then compiles the data and analyzes it. Global market factors such as financial market stability, housing supply, and interest rates are analyzed alongside the focus group data and coupled to micro-issues such as amenity requests and community infrastructure desires. Savoy then generates a comprehensive report revealing the most suitable design elements for the community and homes with recommended amenities for maximum absorption.

Comparables Resale

Analysis of housing needs based on US Housing consensus info and projections for feasibility will be determined. Recommendations will include marketing and campaign direction and will include daily metrics for measuring performance of marketing programs and campaigns. Savoy measures, analyzes and reports trends as well as shares insight into changing needs in the buying market.

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